Why Cloud Transformations? By Dr. Samer Fayssal


Cloud transformations is the process of residing computational services on the Internet. Legacy Information Technology (IT) systems depend on physical powerful computers, known as servers, to host one or more applications. Depending on each application, servers permit Internet users to access a designated service. Large enterprise services such Yahoo!, cnn.com, Bank of America use a grid of servers that perform multiple tasks that mix between computational and communicational. Large incorporatesspend huge amounts of funds to support those services. When considering security, backup, recovery, availability, concurrency, scalability, and transparency, the bill adds up really fast. Each web application includes a bunch of hidden applications that run concurrently such as emails servers, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers, Single Sign On (SSO) servers, and many more. Those hidden services are often dependent on third-party services and yet need 24/7 access to the Internet. While looking at this image, it is hard to imagine it without Denial of Service (DOS) attacks that can target any part of this orchestra. Once one link is broken, the entire system fails.

Modern systems rely on Application Pprogramming Interfaces (APIs) to communicate with third-party services. Once a service is provided on the Internet, it quickly becomes available as a third-party cloud computing service. This service can become part of another service and share its profits. Cloud computing makes all those services available and affordable. Small and medium sized businesses can use their time to innovate and build on the top of any technology. I listed few of many benefits for transforming local services to the cloud. The listed benefits are limited to technology. Non-technology cloud services will be listed in a separate article.  

Cut Expenses: Moving business services to the cloud helps companies of all sizes save on expenses. Owning a local server means big bills. In addition to what companies pay to purchase a server, they got to pay for maintenance, 24/7 monitoring, Internet connectivity bills, Electric bills, office space and much more. All that can be replaced by a simple cloud account that can more be efficient, secure, 24/7 available, and best of all, costs fraction of the price.

Expand any time: A growing business may not need huge computational power in its early years so why to pay for it? Cloud services are ideal for businesses with growing demands. Capacity can be expanded depending on the need. In few clicks, you can add as many servers. You can even try them for one day and pay for one day too.

Backup and Recover: As they say, life happens. In business, it may happen anytime. Backup and Recovery do not need to be a nightmare any more. Cloud computing makes Backup and Recovery a one click away.

Software Update: It can a burden to deal with constant software updates, patching, and reboots. Don’t waste a minutes on that anymore, cloud computing automates this process and sends business owners a daily report on the state of their cloud server.

Hardware Upgrade: Owning a server is just the beginning for a long and costly process. In few years, the process is repeated over and over again due to the rapid change in technology. Why to pay for it if a cloud network can take care of that?

Manage Employees: Hiring a new employee means setting up a machine with credentials and daily monitoring and permissions. Managers spend hours of their day training and monitoring employees taking those hours from productive growth of the company. Cloud computing solves this problem by setting virtual machines in few minutes and once an employee leaves the company, that employee loses access to any assets. Employee assets can be merged to the another account.

Access Remotely: The flexibility of the cloud computing makes it easier to access computing resources anytime and anywhere fast and safe.

Manage Data and Email Accounts: Data management can’t be easier with cloud computing. All files are organized on the cloud with one click, you can access them anytime and anywhere. Emails are vitals communicational tool in any company. Let the experts handle it properly and switch it to become another cloud subscription for fraction of what you currently pay.

Domain Names and Hosting: Handling web problems can be a headache and hiring a 24/7 team to handle it can be hard on the budget. Many cloud applications offer great services for domain names and hosting for less than you pay for your hardware.

There are many reasons to switch to the cloud and no real reason not to. Let the technology experts take care of your network and you focus on what matters, your business and customers.

Dr. Samer Fayssal
CEO, Cyber Analytics LLC
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Breinigsville, PA 18031, USA

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