Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications in Oil & Gas

AI in Oil & Gas

– Intelligent robots with AI capabilities for hydrocarbon exploration and production to improve productivity and cost-effectiveness while reducing worker risk. These robots navigate oceanic regions and detect oil seeps to protect the ecosystem (Exxon).
– Virtual assistants that help customers navigate product databases and processes general inquiries using natural language through an online chat platform that provides information on lubricants location and availability along with product technical properties (Shell).
– An AI platform that delivers a centralized method of data management and integration of data across multiple applications reducing factory operation costs (Sinopec).
– The Autonomous Robot for Gas & Oil Sites (ARGOS) robots carry out 24/7 inspections eliminating the human factor and detect equipment malfunctions or high risk situations such as gas leaks (Total).
– Plans to introduce AI in drilling and well completion, modeling oil-refining strategies, optimizing other technological processes (GAZPROM).

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